Free postage:

Yes, FREE postage to anywhere.

Free to any city or town in Australia, free to any city or town anywhere in the world, that the postal service goes to.

That’s not, ‘free with orders over a certain amount’… there are no minimums required.

The price you see is all you will be charged by us, which makes shopping with us really easy. No worrying about how much it will cost to get shipped to you. (This of course, does not cover any import duties or taxes your country may choose to levy)*

* All non-Australian prices shown on our website do NOT include the 10% Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax), as we are not required to levy this charge on exported items.

A note about taxes and duties if you are outside Australia:

To begin with, do not be afraid of them. EVERYTHING you buy in your own country has taxes and duties added already. Anything imported has had those applied before they hit your shop's shelves as well. Anything made in your country will have taxes added before or at time of purchase too. Anything you privately import (such as hat blocks) will also be subject to those taxes and duties, to some degree. There is simply no way around them.

We at Hat Blocks Australia believe that for you, our postage free price structure still makes it a very good choice to purchase from us, despite taxes. Especially on larger sized orders, the savings in postage can amount to well over $100, a saving you can put towards taxes at your end.

In the case of the USA, at the moment you can import goods up to the value of US$1800 before taxes are applied, so you get a big win!

For countries in Europe, your Governments levy varying amounts of taxes and duties. VAT is usually 20% in the UK, but Ireland can be as high as 25%.

So how do you save by buying from Hat Blocks Australia?

In large part because of the very favourable exchange rates between the GBP and the USD to our AUD. AU$100 is about £59 and US$72. (As at early January 2017)

As an example, our Rebecca Share Series Diamond Pillbox and Ring is currently £157, with free postage. (The following calculation is based on research on the website and an importing duty calculator, but are not to be considered accurate to the pound!)

The parcel attracts VAT on the value of the block and also on the £30 postage (even though we have not charged you for postage!) making it a £188 import in their eyes.

Customs adds £39 VAT (20%) and duties of £5 (3.7%) = £44 (which is what you will need to pay to take delivery)

Even with those duties and taxes we believe you are still out in front, having saved £30 in shipping at the start. The Diamond Pillbox and Ring will have a total cost, landed, of £232. Remember, any block you buy in the UK will have postage added to the price…as well as 20% VAT included.

And for those in the USA, the comparably priced Fedora 10 is US$191, no taxes, no duties, and free postage too.

This is just an example, simply to demonstrate that buying from Australia is not a scary expensive exercise, and often can be cheaper than buying right in your own countries.

For those in the UK we can help you calculate likely taxes and duties, but we cannot be held liable for variances in final calculations that are made by your customs house. For firm costs you would need to contact their help line.


A very important final note:

Please don’t ask us to reduce the value of goods or mark as gifts, on the Customs Declaration form. Firstly, gifts get charged the same taxes and duties anyway. Secondly, YOU are liable if customs do not agree with the customs declaration. Yes, they DO check. They do open boxes, they do look at invoices and they do look at our website. They are not dummies! Your goods can be seized or returned and you can be fined. It’s not worth the risk.

Follow the rules and importing hat blocks is a walk in the park. Having shipped hundreds of parcels to over 18 different countries, we know.