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Doll Blocks


We are very pleased to introduce a range of hat blocks designed just for dolls.

The range will continue to grow and evolve, it is hoped that the first offerings will please the doll loving community. Really, almost any block from the full size range can be adapted to doll size.

The blocks so far offered have been sized to suit the American Girl® doll but can be made for all other popular dolls as well.

Popular dolls for collectors are the Pleasant Company American Girl® and the later Mattel American Girl® range, The Ellowyne Wilde® dolls and BFC Ink® dolls, among many others.

As there is a difference in head sizes between both brands of American Girls® and the others, and the volume of various wigs used, there is not really a set head size even though 11 3/4'' is common for the Pleasant Company® versions of the doll. Thus we will require you to measure your dolls head while wearing its wig.

And… depending on the hat you wish to make, may determine where you are required to measure.

As with full size hats, many doll hats can be made from a foundation of basic mini millinery blocks. These are blocks such as full domes and cartwheel brims as well as what are known as flange brims (those with a hole in them) so naturally it makes sense for these to be the first proper doll blocks offered here.

Most dolls have a head shape that is a broad oval, almost a circle. That is also why these first offered blocks are based on a fully circular pattern. Hats made on this pattern will sit nicely on the doll's head when taking the hair into account as well. Can they also be made as an oval? Of course… Just ask.

While you wait to see what styles may yet be offered, if you have one you want, please let us know.

As with all hat blocks made by us, they are made from easy to pin timber, sealed with quality varnish and have a lifetime warranty.